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Like many wine companies around the world, Oakwood Winery Private Limited in Shrirampur, Maharashtra, is a family owned and run business. Oakwood Winery is a KEVAL family owned wine company. The promoter of the company Mr. Uttam Keval is well recognized as one of the best available master blender in the field. Blending has been his passion for over four decades and he has the experience of being the master blender of a well know distillery in India. His younger son, Mr. Amit Keval, studied alcohol technology in Pune, and went on to study oenology and vinification in France. It was in France that the fascination for the wine production deepened.

Keval Family started with trading vini-viticultural goods that wineries in India require, Oakwood Winery gradually went on to get into contract arrangements with grape growers to procure grapes and produce wine themselves. Starting small with a first year production of 10,000 liters, they made 100 % barrel aged wines to sell it in bulk to other brand owners, in India as well as in the overseas market. The success in selling the full quantity made them more confident in terms of quality recognition both in national and international market.

Today, the family has set up a winery with an installed capacity of 2.5 lakh liters, of which 50% is already in use. Of this quantity, 40% has been put in barrels for aging and 60% stays in tanks as young, un- matured wine. Oakwood wineries owns over 200 barrels till now and are continuously adding more barrels every year, taking the count to over 250 barrels. All barrels have been imported from France.

The strategy of Oakwood Vineyards was to first target the overseas market and to then come into the Indian market. After successfully launching in UK and France market, Oakwood Vineyards now currently wants to target the Indian consumers. The aim is to provide good quality wines with flavors suiting the Indian consumer’s pallet. Constant innovation and modernization will be the tools for the up gradation of various brands. The vision is to be able to provide a consumer a matured wine at a far more competitive price.


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